How To… Save Money

When i was younger (as with a lot of people i guess), i didn’t really value money the way i do now. Yes, i do still spend money on the things i want/need but i’m not quite as loose with my money. I don’t really go out shopping all that much (more because i don’t like shopping than anything else), however i do like to shop online and that’s my biggest downfall. It’s money i can’t see that i’m spending so it doesn’t register in the same way.

However, these days i hardly ever shop, online or on the high-street and i’m so careful with my money. To the point where we now have a VERY healthy amount in our savings account. To help you save your hard earned money, here are a few of my top tips…

  • Set up a savings account with your current bank and set up a direct debit so each month a certain amount goes into it. Then forget that account exists and you’ll be surprised how quickly it fills up!
  • If you see something you really want to buy, put it into your cart or make a note of it and leave it for at least a week. After a week or so, if you’re still thinking about it, you obviously want it so go for it, if you haven’t thought about it in that week, you don’t really want or need it so get rid!
  • Every year when things like your car insurance, house insurance or mortgage comes up for renewal, make sure you don’t just sign up with your current supplier, look around and compare prices. You’ll find that most places will offer you a lower rate to sign up with them as a new customer – which could save you hundreds over the year!
  • Search around for vouchers before you go shopping. There are so many companies around that offer vouchers for general shopping items – fabric softener, washing up liquid…etc. Plus you could even email the company before you place your order to see if they have any discount codes available. Many will say yes and be happy to help you out. Or if you don’t fancy emailing them, you could always go onto their social media accounts, most will promote any discounts and offers they have going on there so it should be easy enough to find.
  • If you are planning on getting any work done, whether around the house or in the garden – make sure you get lots of quotes from different companies. The price difference from company to company can be VERY different! However, you don’t always want to go with the cheapest, perhaps somewhere more in the middle instead.

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