How To… Procrastinate Less

With everything being so accessible these days, it’s so easy to get distracted – looking at your social media pages, browsing the internet, doing some online shopping, checking out what your favourite celeb is doing…and the list goes on. A quick – “oh i’ll just look at…” can easily turn into hours and hours of watching mindless youtube videos without even knowing! Wasting your precious time.

Here are a few tips you can do to help cut down on your time-wasting…

  1. Set time aside – It’s OK to spend time watching your favourite youtube videos, checking social media or whatever else you enjoy doing online; however, so you don’t end up wasting hours of your life, set yourself a time limit. Perhaps you could put some time aside each day to browse mindless-ly online. An hour in the evening after dinner, or whilst on the bus to and from work or even in the middle of the day (if that’s suitable to you).
  2. Set a time limit – By putting a timer on your phone – 20 minutes perhaps, once the timer goes off you know you need to get back to whatever you were doing previously. This will hopefully mean you won’t waste more time than you have and will remind you get back to it once the alarm goes off.
  3. Take the temptation away – This is something we try to implement into our lives these days. After 8pm in the evenings we make sure all laptops are put away in the upstairs office and that phones are put out of the way. This takes away the temptation to have a ‘quick’ browse at something online and means we are encouraged to spend better, quality time with each other and being in the moment. We can talk about our day, watch a film, do some reading….all without being distracted.
  4. Don’t punish yourself – If you do happen to spend the odd evening procrastinating, don’t punish yourself for it. We all do it and from time to time it’s not going to hurt, in fact it may well be that your brain needs a bit of mindless entertainment. By changing your outlook on it, it should stop you from wanting to do it so much as you know it’s readily available to you if you should want to. This might sound counter productive but hear me out – if you are craving sweets, it’s likely because you haven’t had them in a while or have been preventing yourself from having any. However, if you knew that these sweets were available to you at any time, it’s likely you wouldn’t be craving them so much because you know you can have them whenever.

I’d love to know what you do to help keep you focussed and in the moment…

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