10 things you should know as a fresher

Here are 10 things you should know as a fresher…

Know your bank balance
1. Being aware of how much you spend will go a long way.
2. Try and plan your budget in advance.
3. Don’t waste too much money on avoidable items like takeaways.

Create your own society
1. Running your own society can be fun and is a rewarding thing to do.
2. A way to make new friends and share your interests.

It’s normal to feel homesick
1. Everyone is in the same boat.
2. Be welcoming of one another.
3. Talk regularly to friends and family back home, but don’t overdo it.
4. Familiarise yourself with your new surroundings, it will soon feel like home.

Don’t sleep through lectures
1. Avoid getting into bad habits.
2. Start as you intend to continue.

It’s never too early to think ahead
1. Go with the flow in your first year.
2. Have your future in mind but it’s OK to just enjoy the first year of university.
3. Get involved in projects related to your future career.
4. You might also want to consider getting a part-time student job.

Always ask if there’s a student discount available
1. Make the most of student discounts and freebies.
2. If joining a uni club doesn’t float your boat, head to your freshers’ fair to take advantage of all the freebies up for grabs.
3. Sign up for a free haircut at a salon where trainees are given an opportunity to try out their skills.

Remember to enrol
1. Don’t forget to let your uni know you’ve arrived.
2. You need your student card to print and access the library.
3. You need to enrol to receive your funding from student finance.

You may be entitled to a bursary
1. You may be eligible for extra funding – check with your university once you arrive.

Find a place to live next year
1. If you’re in university accommodation, finding a place to live in your second year needs to be on your radar early on!
2. Decide early on who you might want to live with and where.
3. Think about location, ideally you’ll want to be close to campus.

Enjoy it, it will get tougher!
1. Your first year at university is often about settling in.
2. The academic side of your university experience will quickly ramp up in your second and third years.
3. Use your first year to make mistakes and get to grips with the new style of learning.
4. The first year to get to know your new surroundings and friends.

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